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Re: The sad state of pkgsrc [was Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 7.0.1_PATCH/x86_64 2016-09-04 11:03]

On Tue, Sep 06, 2016 at 10:46:36PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
 > > devel/mico                         
 > /data/scratch/devel/mico/work/mico/./idl/idl -B../.. --c++-skel --name CosNaming \
 >         ../../include/coss/CosNaming.idl
 > [4229412761 - 0x7f7ff6010700] assertion failed

This has been discussed before and (iirc) is caused by your build
machine's hostname not resolving.

 > > devel/tcl-tclOO                    
 > ./generic/tclOOMethod.c:511:14: error: incompatible types when assigning to type 'union <anonymous>' from type 'void *'
 >    cfPtr->cmd = NULL;

 > > lang/cint                          
 > Invalid use of std::fpos. IMHO the package should be removed, if someone
 > wants a working C/C++ interpreter, cling is likely the better choice.

I agree on the package; it is terrible. However, I don't see any
package called "cling" :-)

 > > lang/intercal                      
 > PLIST doesn't match update (mef).


 > > lang/nhc98                         
 > Various issues starting from correctly invoking the compiler.

I'm told that merging this will probably help, but many of the changes
in the patch are clearly gratuitous and I haven't had time to look

 > > lang/smlnj                                   richards+netbsd%CS.Princeton.EDU@localhost
 > [1]   Segmentation fault (core dumped) "${BINDIR}/sml" ...
 > > lang/smlnj11072                              richards+netbsd%CS.Princeton.EDU@localhost
 > [1]   Segmentation fault (core dumped) "${BINDIR}/sml" ...

I'm aware of this (and have had to work around it, because I have
acquired a pile of legacy code that won't run in anything else) but I
have no clue how to fix it. It seems to be progressive memory
corruption, but I haven't found a cause, and as best I can tell
upstream is pretty well dead.

(smlnj11072 at least builds and runs on i386, which is why it exists.
I think the bootstrap kit in the 110.73 distfile comes already

 > > math/vowpal_wabbit                 
 > error: 'sockaddr_in' was not declared in this scope
 >        sockaddr_in client_address;

Seems readily fixable...

 > > misc/hanzim                        
 > Needs Xserver. Does anyone actually care about this package?

I'm guessing not. It's been that way for years, and it would be pretty
straightforward to fix it up to not need the X server during build,
but nobody's bothered.

 > > security/sfs                       
 > refcnt.h:421:18: error: declaration of 'typedef class ptr<T> ref<T>::ptr' [-fpermissive]
 >    typedef ptr<T> ptr;

That's an error?

 > > shells/standalone-tcsh             
 > Doesn't honour PREFIX.

not a bug

 > > sysutils/strace                    
 > Needs sources.

...perhaps if there were a way to handle packages like this?

 > > textproc/hs-texmath                
 > cc1: out of memory allocating 4072 bytes after a total of 0 bytes

that seems bogus...

David A. Holland

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