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g95 is the default fortran compiler in pkgsrc.
gfortran is a fork of it from 2003 that is more widely used and actively

issues with g95 is that it relies on older gcc which doesn't compile on
some platforms:

pkg/51402 [non-critical/medium]:
        pkgsrc-2016Q2/lang/g95 does not build on NetBSD7.0.1/arm7hf

pkg/51198 [serious/medium]:
        lang/g95 fails to build on Linux

pkg/49977 [critical/medium]:
        lang/g95 fails to build on OS X Yosemite

pkg/44547 [non-critical/medium]:
        pkgsrc build failure for g95 on NetBSD/cobalt

It is also a dead end as it is not maintained, and as far as I can tell
- no serious fortran users use it.
Its merits is that it is faster to compile, and more well-tested on

gfortran requires relying on pkgsrc GCC, which has previously been
extremely problematic. I hope some of those are corrected now.

some of tests are failing, but this is also true e.g. for testing base
gcc on netbsd against gcc tests, so I'm not sure about the meaning of

what are the issues that remain for flipping to switch to gfortran?
I'd like to address them.

there will always be the issue 'new gcc takes an eternity to compile'
(it really does), maybe I can create a gfortran-only package?

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