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boost-libs patch

FYI, boost-libs is failing to build on *some* of my CentOS 6.8 systems. Why it works on others is a mystery to me. One would think that gcc 4.4.7 either supports a construct or it doesn't...

In any case, the attached patch fixes the issue, which is described here:




Those who spend their lives in the shallows see their whole world in turmoil
every time the wind blows.

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--- libs/container/src/pool_resource.cpp.orig	2016-09-01 14:20:23.510179662 +0000
+++ libs/container/src/pool_resource.cpp
@@ -32,11 +32,11 @@ namespace pmr {
 class pool_data_t
    : public block_slist_base<>
-   typedef block_slist_base<> block_slist_base;
+   typedef block_slist_base<> block_slist_base_t;
    explicit pool_data_t(std::size_t initial_blocks_per_chunk)
-      : block_slist_base(), next_blocks_per_chunk(initial_blocks_per_chunk)
+      : block_slist_base_t(), next_blocks_per_chunk(initial_blocks_per_chunk)
    {  slist_algo::init_header(&free_slist);  }
    void *allocate_block() BOOST_NOEXCEPT
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ class pool_data_t
    void release(memory_resource &upstream)
-      this->block_slist_base::release(upstream);
+      this->block_slist_base_t::release(upstream);
       next_blocks_per_chunk = pool_options_minimum_max_blocks_per_chunk;
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ class pool_data_t
       //Minimum block size is at least max_align, so all pools allocate sizes that are multiple of max_align,
       //meaning that all blocks are max_align-aligned.
-      char *p = static_cast<char *>(block_slist_base::allocate(blocks_per_chunk*pool_block, mr));
+      char *p = static_cast<char *>(block_slist_base_t::allocate(blocks_per_chunk*pool_block, mr));
       //Create header types. This is no-throw
       for(std::size_t i = 0, max = blocks_per_chunk; i != max; ++i){

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