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CentOS binary packages, etc.


I've gotten clearance to set up a pkgsrc mirror at UW -- Milwaukee. It will be housed in our new data center with a fast Internet2 connection.

In addition to the standard pkgsrc contents, I plan to start doing bulk builds for Enterprise Linux (EL6: RHEL, CentOS, etc.)

My goal is to make pkgsrc more accessible to the scientific research community, especially large HPC clusters. I've been raising awareness of pkgsrc in the HPC community, but I think the ability to use pkgin on EL will make it attractive enough to spur wide adoption (in addition to speeding up my own software deployments).

I found the following page, which appears to contain a rather Old package set from 2014:

1) Is anyone out there is presently working on bulk builds for EL? If so, I would love to coordinate with you so we don't waste our time on duplicated effort.

2) Roughly how long does it take to do a bulk build of the entire tree on a single high-end server? I was thinking of doing builds on one of our production clusters, but I'm leaning against it due to some issues with leakage of Yum packages into certain builds. I think it would be safer to do the builds on a dedicated server with a minimal CentOS installation.

I'm going to apologize in advance right now for the long stretches that I'll be incognito. We're severely understaffed and there will be stretches of weeks at a time that I can't work on this, but I *am* moving forward as time permits.




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