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ast-ksh issue and possible fix/workaround

I think this issue is still around in pkgsrc-2016Q2:

I'm not sure if folks have already fixed it in -current. It doesn't appear 
to be fixed. 

However, it looks like the issue is that some part of the (absolute mess 
of a) build process for AT&T "ast-ksh" is missing a -lm on some part of 
the build. I noticed when I try to manually build it complained about some 
symbols from libm being horked. So, what I did was to just add this to the 


... which was setup as a conditional for DragonFly BSD. I just made it 
unconditional. That results in a complete build. 

Any ideas on a long term way to fix? I think the same issue is still in 
-current based on peeking at the Makefile.common

I'm doing this because I think ast-ksh is going to be a dependency for 
CDE. However, I haven't quite disabused myself of the idea that pdksh from 
NetBSD's source tree won't work, but that's another topic... 


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