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Re: Chromium B.S.U. 0.9.16 released!

* Paul Wise ( wrote:

> I have released Chromium B.S.U. 0.9.16:
> Chromium B.S.U. 0.9.16
>  - Add SDL2 support
>  - Add version option
>  - Use different font for French
>  - Compile fixes
> Those of you who are distribution packagers, please update your package
> to the latest version. Please rename the package from chromium to
> chromium-bsu if you haven't already. Please forward any bugs to the
> upstream bug tracker and also let me know about any patches or hacks
> you needed to add to your package.

Great, thanks for heads up! I'm ready to update FreeBSD port, though
I'm a bit confused with a lot of configure options, while I'd like
to simplify port tunables to not confuse users. Do I understand the
following correctly: there are roughly several sets of mutually
exclusive options:

Window management: glut/sdl/sdl2
Audio:             openal/sdlmixer/sdl2mixer
Imagery loading:   glpng/sdlimage/sdl2image
Font rendering:    ftgl/glc (?)

and I basically need to chose one for each category? Are there any
shortcomings of specific variants (e.g. afaik openal has better
stereo effects than sdl_mixer which only does simple channel volume
based panning) and is there a preferred configuration?

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