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Fwd: [NEW] mail/ungrey-robins pkg

Hello NetBSD packagers,

FYI: here's a new OpenBSD port which you may be interested in adapting:

(I'm not subscribed to your list, but feel free to email me.)

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 23:27:04 +0100
From: Craig Skinner <Skinner%Britvault.Co.UK@localhost>
To: ports%OpenBSD.Org@localhost
Cc: ungrey-robins%Britvault.Co.UK@localhost
Subject: [NEW] mail/ungrey-robins port

Hi folks,

Attached here is a new port of ungrey-robins:

$ fgrep COMMENT Makefile 
COMMENT= pf spamd auto-whitelister of round-robin SMTP clients

$ cat pkg/DESCR
ungrey-robins assists postmasters by automatically whitelisting
round robin SMTP clients (which often fail to pass greylisting),
without resorting to manual maintenance of whitelists.

Also at: http://web.Britvault.Co.UK/products/ungrey-robins/
With syslog samples, a more descriptive README + man pages in HTML too.

The project name of 'ungrey-robins' is a word play on:
  o greylisting
    o the 'un-' prefix, to mean not grey
  o round-robin
  o the popular and silly computer game 'Angry Birds'

ungrey-robins is a computer tool which ungreylists silly squawking
round robin SMTP sending mail servers, which stupidly play about with
established Internet mail delivery standards.


Attachment: OpenBSD-port-ungrey-robins.tar.gz
Description: application/gzip

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