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Re: [patch] fix libtool errors in textproc/expat

Matthias Ferdinand <>

> Thank you! Reinstalling libtool-base helped on every buildhost where I
> had this problem. Does adding/removing
>    PKGSRC_COMPILER=        ccache gcc
> in mk.conf count as "changing the compiler behind libtools back"?

That should be ok, because ccache just either calls gcc or remembers
what gcc output last time.  But if you find that it isn't, that would be

> Or adding/removing

That should also be ok, because in theory it is just faster code to do
the same thing.  But there are a few things where it doesn't do the same
thing, and mostly that seems to be in cases where the package is buggy.
Again, if you find that it matters, post a report.

Usually it's switching from gcc to/from clang that is more of a big deal.

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