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Re: pkgsrc/comms/minicom and zmodem with lrzsz

On Tue, 22 Mar 2016, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
My Allied Telesis CentreCOM AR415S has not USB port and I cannot use no security officer role (it is necessary to establish IPsec VPN) via Ethernet by default.

Many (as in a TON) of routers still come with serial ports, not to mention a ton of other devices that use them. USB ports on a router are kind of silly, unless they are meant as host ports for storage or firmware updates. They aren't going to work very well for console purposes given how little other infrastructure is setup to support them. That and the fact that USB is much more complex and flakey than some old 16550 UART based serial (albiet much faster). Speed and being "new" isn't always what a person wants. Sometimes, reliabliity, being well understood, and simplicity trump speed.

Anytime you mention serial, some folks without much experience in the fields where they are common act like you are insane for asking about it, and give you some shocked "That's OLD!!!" attitude. Don't listen to them. Serial is still very useful and very common. It's just that a lot of people don't get enough exposure to those devices.

What I do with Minicom is to create a group that can share the permissions of the serial devices you manage. Then you can strip off the SETUID bit from minicom and just run it normally. Put it in your rc.local or something.


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