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Re: difficulties combining ccache with cwrappers

Matthias Ferdinand <>

> If I use
>   GCC_REQD=4.7
>   PKGSRC_COMPILER=        ccache gcc
> I end up with the system compiler being used (gcc 4.0.3), although
> $WRKDIR/.gcc/bin/gcc symlinks to /opt/pkgsrc/gcc47/bin/gcc. clamav does
> not build with 4.0.3.
> no ccache, no cwrappers:    gcc 4.7.4
> just ccache, no cwrappers:  gcc 4.7.4
> no ccache, just cwrappers:  gcc 4.7.4
> ccache + cwrappers:         gcc 4.0.3

That looks like a bug in either cwrappers or a latent bug in ccache
code that triggered by cwrappers.  I would set PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 (or
maybe 2) and capture the output, and try to find where the links are
created and trace it down.

I suspect most peopel are building with their native compiler and don't
notice, because at first glance this bug seems to be only when system
gcc and chosen gcc differ.

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