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Re: Update math/sc from 6.21 to 7.16?

> currently there is the rather old version 6.21 of math/sc in
> pkgsrc.  I'd like to update it to version 7.16 which compiles
> -Wall clean on NetBSD with the source at
> Are there sc users which prefer to stay at version 6.21?

I tried the new sc.  I also looked at the CHANGES file, and there
appear to be quite a Lot of changes...

I'm probably just scratching the surface of the functionality
with my use.

The most immediately apparent change is that it now insists on
doing white-on-black by default instead of not changing what
e.g. xterm is set up for, and I don't see a way to turn that off,
but I'll live with it.

I'd say "just update it", although perhaps not now in the middle
of the freeze for 2016Q1.


- Håvard

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