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Re: security/gnupg2 MESSAGE needed? (or fix)

coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost writes:

> Hi, to generate key with this successfully I needed to write:
>  pinentry-program /usr/pkg/bin/pinentry
> in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
> Without this, it was failing to generate a key.
> It may be good to write this in MESSAGE, if it cannot be made to respect

(I realize that your suggestion is quite reasonable given how MESSAGE is
used now, and that there is a real docuemntation problem.  My comments
are really about MESSAGE in general.)

Another thing about MESSAGE and documentation is that MESSAGE is
intended for the person installing a package, which is the sysadmin of a
computer, not a user.  I realize it's often the same person.  But if
one person installs gnupg and several use it, that situation points out
why MESSAGE isn't the right place for user-facing documentation.

In this case, I wonder why pinentry-program doesn't have a default
value, and why the gpg2(1) man page doesn't explain.   I did find in the
info file that the default is installation dependent.  I'd be happy to
review and probably apply a patch to fix the default.

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