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Re: light-weight office tools? (was Re: libreoffice-bin pango errors)

On Wed 16 Mar 2016 at 10:51:31 -0600, Roy Bixler wrote:
> me on spreadsheets, but I've had less luck on Abiword's .doc support.
> To sort of revive an older thread, does anyone have any pointers on
> Libreoffice and Abiword alternatives?

Also, for me Abiword's GUI doesn't work properly (since it has this flat

In fact more programs with that "new and fashionable" look don't work
properly (transmission-gtk is one of them I think). I suppoe that is a
sign of gtk3.

The symptom is that mouse clicks and drags don't seem to register, or
register in the wrong place in some occasions. Quite annoying since it
makes such programs completely useless.

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