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Re: firefox 44.0 build/install fails on NetBSD-amd64

babafou@ wrote:

> Even with that, it doesn't compile (NetBSD/amd64 7.0, ultra fresh
> pkgsrc tree):
> /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/work/firefox-44.0/ipc/chromium/src/base/ error: '_EVENT_SIZEOF_LONG' was not declared in this scope

It looks firefox 44.0 requires libevent >=2.0.22 while
NetBSD 7.0 has 2.0.21-stable. (-current also has 2.0.22)

Commenting out the following line:

> #CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-system-libevent=${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.libevent}

or putting libevent 2.0.22 in BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libevent line:

> BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libevent+=	libevent>=2.0.22

in pkgsrc/www/firefox/ works around for me.

Izumi Tsutsui

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