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Re: texlive xelatex not working [ Was fontconfig : .so.2 not provided by 2.11.1?]

Mayuresh <> writes:

> I installed latex from TexLive DVD (2015) on NetBSD 7.0 amd64.
> xelatex from above package seems to have dependency on,
> which doesn't seem to be available on NetBSD.

For the texlive dvd to make sense as a binary distribution, it has to

   specify an OS version and architecture

   depend only on the base system

   provide everything else it needs

> [ A correction: I realize while I write this, when I installed from DVD, I
> was having NetBSD i386, which I later changed to amd64 for no specific
> reason. But I do not know whether it relates with above issue. ]

While you can run i386 binaries on amd64, you need the i386 libraries
too.  Maybe you should install the amd64 version from texlive, because
for Free software, there is little motivation not to run native.

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