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Re: tnftp build fails on aix 6.1 for 2015Q4

On 1/4/16 10:12 PM, J Raynor wrote:
> I successfully bootstrapped 2015Q4 on aix 6.1, and now I’m trying to
> install pkgsrc’s gcc.  Pkgsrc tries to install tnftp as a prereq,
> but the build fails because the linker can’t find vasprintf.  I’ve
> included the relevant output at the bottom of this email.
> vasprintf only appears once, in ssl.c If I build tnftp without ssl, it
> compiles just fine.
> I believe vasprintf can’t be found because AIX doesn’t have it.
> If I were to submit a patch, should I modify ssl.c so it doesn’t
> need to use vasprintf?  Should I provide an implementation of
> vasprintf for systems that don’t have it?

You could also change it to use pkgsrc/pkgtools/libnbcompat which
provides vasprintf.  (I'm not a pkgsrc developer, though, so it would be
good to see what one of them says.)



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