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Re: py-lxml-3.5.0 and utf-8 paths

Le 02/01/16 10:17, Thomas Klausner a écrit :
> Two of py-lxml's tests fail for me in pkgsrc with 'make test' because
> of LANG=C in ALL_ENV. I've filed an upstream bug report about this:
> When using python-3.x, setting LANG to an environment that does
> support UTF-8, and running the tests manually (to avoid the ALL_ENV
> from above) they work for me.
>  Thomas
Yes, curiously enough I see now they do work (both py*27 and py*35) if invoked with LANG= *and/or* LC_ALL=

E.G. 'bmake test LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF-8' or 'bmake test LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF-8'

just giving LANG= doesn't do it >:O

Richard PALO

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