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Re: Updating pkgsrc and associated binary package

David Bariod <> writes:

> I could not find that in the documentation, but I could have missed
> something.

Did you look at

?  I am not saying it's perfect, but specific complaints with fixes are

> It seems that when moving from yyyy-Qx toward a yyyy-Qx_1 branch "pkg_chk
> -u -s" should update all the installed package if needed.

In theory, yes.   It will remove many packages and rebuild them.

Have a look at pkg_rolling-replace.  It has different failure modes than
pkg_chk -u, and you may or like them better.

Also look at pkgin, but you are talking about building from source.

> But I could not find the information on how to update the bootstrap itself
> and the associated makefile fragment. Is it needed somehow, and if yes,
> what are the appropriate steps to do that.

In general, there is no need to redo the bootstrap.  E.g., I run pkgsrc
on mac, and my /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf has a March 2014 mod date.

If you do redo the boostrap, it is probably best to rebuild all packages
From scratch afterwards.

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