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Re: issue on www/seamonkey package


I will handle this problem.

Thank you.

From: David Bariod <>, Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 11:49:00 +0100

> Hello all,
> This package kind of break the repository on Mac OS X.
> It contains in the patch directory 2 files with the same name.
> They only differs by a .S or .s extension.
> 100644 blob 7240ddf76b43e1863f35a21eb2efe763ca987d8a
> www/seamonkey/patches/patch-mozilla_gfx_ycbcr_yuv__row__arm.S
> 100644 blob d055634e7537f85c3705cb979c317549c4fe2ace
> www/seamonkey/patches/patch-mozilla_gfx_ycbcr_yuv__row__arm.s
> The default file system on mac os x is not case sensitive,
> so we end up in a weird state which require to do a few acrobatics in git
> to fall back in workable branch (at the scm level).
> I've not tried to build the package
> Best regards,
> David Bariod

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