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Re: pkgsrc-wip/wkhtmltopdf

Le 15/12/15 16:43, Filip Hajny a écrit :
>> 15. 12. 2015 v 16:36, Richard PALO <>:
>> Not sure if anybody is really maintaining wip/wkhtmtopdf, I was able to to get
>> what seemed a broken build on SunOS/gcc49 going with the patch here:
>> (if anybody is interested in picking anything up for github)
> Well, it worked for me in the summer, when I updated the package last time, but then again I’d have been building with GCC 4.7 only. I don’t use wkhtmltopdf in any way though.

well, it could be gcc49 for the most part, but I did need the BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM to get libiconv found correctly by the linker.

I have a single program that uses it has the name suggests, to convert html to pdf. I do notice that the output quality seems poor,
not sure but that could be due to the font selections in the driving program...

>> I notice that the qt directory is a complete clone of qt4.8, not being
>> real familiar with its structure but since pkgsrc qt4 is at 4.8, 
>> isn't there a more lightweight, logical and streamlined way to layer upon that?
> I believe they use their own QT fork with many changes and they don’t publish a clear patchset to use against stock QT. Same deal as wip/phantomjs really.
> -F

pity, makes for a maintenance nightmare² :-(


Richard PALO

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