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Re: py-suds => py-suds[-jurko]

Le 14/12/15 16:07, Thomas Klausner a écrit :
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 03:58:59PM +0100, Richard Palo wrote:
>> seems old py-suds has been sidelined, so there is a fork that came in the meanwhile.
>> In pkgsrc, there are only the following packages using old suds:
>>   finance/py-vatnumber
>>   geography/py-obspy
>>   misc/py-stdnum
>> seems like overkill to put in place CONFLICTS and all that, what about just canning the old
>> suds and replacing it with the new.
>> If the old ever really comes back, we can deal with it then, because the fork
>> intends to remerge in this case.
>> In summary, as far as pkgsrc is considered, I'd like to simply keep the name py-suds,
>> but upgrade to the fork.... if that is, indeed, acceptable.  Is it? :-|
> Importing py-suds-jurko and switching the three packages to that
> sounds ok to me.
> I don't like calling it py-suds though.
>  Thomas

So if I understand correctly, two packages, set up CONFLICTS (as suds-jurko uses $PYSITELIB}/suds too)
and migrate the dependant packages to the new package. okay. will do.

That will take a bit more time, I'm afraid, but I'd still like it to go in Q4 if possible...

Richard PALO

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