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Re: Is sysutils/ansible maintained?

Marc Baudoin <> writes:

> The sysutils/ansible package is version 1.6.10, which dates back
> to July 2014.  Versions up to 1.9.4 (October 2015) are available
> and version 2.0.0 is in the RC stage.  Any luck to have the
> package updated to a newer version? Ansible is a very cool piece
> of software and it's sad not to be able to use an up-to-date
> version.

If you send a patch that updates the package to the most recent stable
release (we do not package other than releases, except in exceptional
circumstances) along with the contents of what the commit message should
be, someone will probably feel bad and apply it.

See the pkgsrc guide, but often changing the version number, running
'make distinfo', running 'make package', fixing the PLIST and repeating
is sufficient.  Also see "make print-PLIST", but it's better to use that
as a guide rather than outright replacing it.  I suggest also turning on
PKG_DEVELOPER=yes and running pkglint.

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