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Re: lossless mp3 edit?

Jan Danielsson <> writes:
   Is there any tool in pkgsrc which can losslessly crop mp3:s?

The many good solutions already offered probably give you a better solution. However, I find myself doing some semi-professional audio production from time to time (though I do most of that on SGI machines). So, I wanted to let you know that it's quite possible to do it with mplayer as well. However, it'd become a two-step process. However, my method is useful if you want to splice out part then twiddle with the bit-rates and such, then merge it back to some other audio.

The key is to be able to dump the file as PCM data first, notice the start and end position can be modified:

mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:file=outfile.wav:fast \
        -ss 02:34 -endpos 2:57

Then do whatever you want to the PCM/WAV data, and re-encode if needed.

I'm pretty sure this is NOT what you were really looking for since you wanted to preserve the encoding, methinks. However, it's a nice trick for folks editing a lot of high-end audio or people wanting to extract PCM audio from video files. So, consider it just an FYI.


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