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Re: PLIST doesn't match Makefile

Hello Mandacarú,

Mandacarú Cascavel writes:
> Hi, List.
> I'm trying to install wip/surf. wip/surf depends on net/libsoup. But net/libsoup doesn't install because PLIST doesn't match Makefile
> . PLIST points to libsoup 2.4 and Makefile to libsoup 2.5.
I have updated wip/surf to 0.6 not so long ago and succesfully used
it. Are you using pkgsrc-current or pkgsrc-2015Q2? IIRC libsoup
was renamed before pkgsrc-2015Q2 (from "libsoup24") while www/webkit-gtk
was renamed to www/webkit24-gtk post-2015Q2 (and I guess this one can be
Can you please attach a surf build error log?

Otherwise if you are using pkgsrc-2015Q2 I think that just changing in

 .include "../../www/webkit24-gtk/"

to (please note the deletion of "24"):

 .include "../../www/webkit-gtk/"

will do the trick.


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