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Re: net/socks5 pending removal

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

> Unless someone can conjure up a distfile mirror and/or a use case for
> net/socks5 I will remove the package in two weeks.
> FreeBSD removed it from ports in 2012 citing legal reasons and the
> company that owns the technology went defunct/bought out almost 10
> years ago.

(I am assuming "in 2 weeks" is timed to be post-freeze.)

I agree that this looks non-useful.   Not 100% related to removing it or
not, but is there support in pkgsrc for SOCKS5 in general?   It seems
many programs (e.g. privoxy) have client support, sshd has server
support for forwarding, and tor.   So really I am asking whether there
is a need that this program (if it could be found and if it could be
used) fills, or if it's also redundant.

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