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Re: How to express package dependency that doesn't require updating?

I see pciids has been updated, so now I see that "The file pci.ids is
updated frequently" is a prediction for the future rather than a comment
about history :-)

This was catching up for almost 6 years.  So I wonder if updating only
quarterly would cause any real problems.

This update resulted in a cleanup of bl3, so more got updated.  After
doing that, I marked hal and libpcciaccess for rebuild, and did
"pkg_rolling-replace -v".  It took 52s (on a several year old i386
desktop, with ccache), and the following cache stats:

cache hit (direct)                   159
cache hit (preprocessed)               1
cache miss                             0

Because I didn't use -s, the rebuilding stopped there.  Because the
update wasn't an ABI change according to the revbumping rules, there
normally would be no version change of the depending packages.

Typically a rebuild for quarterly updates takes far far longer.  And
doing a full pkg_rr every week on pkgsrc current entails a lot of
building.  So I'm still really not understanding what you are worried
about with pkg_rolling-replace, beyond the theoretical point that
rebuilding hal and libpciaccess is not strictly necessary or useful.

With pbulk, there may be more of an issue.  But I'd like to see actual
data before worrying about it.

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