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Re: Prefixing PHP packages with ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}

Takahiro Kambe <> writes:

(Speaking as a regular pkgsrc developer, with pmc hat off.)

> Here is rough list of packages using PHP.
> Please comment and/or advise about prefixing with ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX} or not.
> o PKGNAME could be prefix with ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}
> 	audio/ampache
> 	benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite
> 	databases/adodb
> 	devel/mantis
> 	finance/magento
> 	mail/imp
> 	mail/ingo
> 	mail/mimp
> 	mail/roundcube
> 	mail/squirrelmail
> 	mail/turba
> 	net/cacti
> 	net/icinga-base
> 	net/nagios-base
> 	security/base
> 	security/zoneminder
> 	www/contao32
> 	www/contao35
> 	www/davical
> 	www/drupal6
> 	www/drupal7
> 	www/fengoffice
> 	www/gallery
> 	www/gallery2
> 	www/ganglia-webfrontend
> 	www/geeklog
> 	www/horde
> 	www/mediawiki
> 	www/moodle
> 	www/mserv-php
> 	www/phraseanet
> 	www/typo3_62
> 	www/websvn
> 	www/wordpress

Not necessarily consistent thoughts:

  having the prefix is helpful in that multiple versions are checked in
  bulk builds

  binary packages are really aimed at people that do not change pkgsrc
  defaults.   It's a messy path to try to support that in general.

  having the prefix is helpful for largish things that people want to
  install as binary prereqs when they are using non-default versions.

  having the prefix for things people think of as being php things seems

  Some programs support multiple languages, or only sometimes depend on
  php, and for those, adding a php- prefix just seems wrong.

  Building most of these is pretty quick, assuming the prereqs are
  there.  So I don't think there is a vast amount of upside to having
  multiple versions of binaries of the leaves.

  I wonder how often people really want to use a non-default php
  version, and how many of those people are going to want to build their
  own things from source anyway.

  Less renaming is better, all things being equal.


  definitely add prefix to conta, drupal, typo

  maybe add prefix to roundcube

  don't add prefix to nagios (maybe I think this because nagios didn't
  use to be php, and php isn't the main thing, even though it's now not

So my preference is to rename the frameworks and then rename packages
when people speak up that the lack of prefix is causing problems.

> o PKGNAME shoud not be prefix with ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}
> 	devel/kcachegrind
> 	devel/kdesdk3
> 	devel/libthrift
> 	devel/swig2
> 	time/kronolith
> 	www/ap-php
> 	www/ap2-suphp
> 	www/blur6ex

I'm not sure why you say should not, but it seems reasoanble to not
change these.

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