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Re: mpeg4ip and libmp4v2 conflict

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 1:40 AM, Simon Burge <> wrote:
> I want mpeg4ip for some of its command line tools, and libmp4v2 is a
> prerequisite for amarok.  What's the correct way of dealing with this?
> File a PR?

Yes please.

Looking at the history of libmp4v2, the initial commit has this bit:

"split out the libmp4v2 part from mpeg4ip -- all users in the pkgsrc
tree just need that library, the player in mpeg4ip just causes an unwanted
dependency on SDL and complications due to plugin building"

So removing the include file from the mpeg4ip package is probably the
way to go. Note that the entire MPEG4IP suite looks very unmaintained.


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