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Re: Removing www/ja-trac

Aleksej Saushev <> writes:

> We have two packages for Trac: www/trac and www/ja-trac.
> According to
> separate Japanese version is not needed since Japanese should be
> supported by Trac without modification. I have checked languages I know
> and understand (at least partially): all Slavic languages, English,
> German, Turkish. Translation to those languages make sense to me.
> I don't see any reason why Japanese should be exception.
> Since Japanese is supported by www/trac and www/ja-trac lags behind,
> I propose to remove www/ja-trac.

I think ja-trac dates from a time when the localization didn't really
work right.  I just asked on trac-users@ and heard back from the current
maintainer that Japanese should be ok.

I think we should give people a bit more time to speak up, but if you
haven't heard anything by 7 days from your note, I think it's fine to
drop ja-trac.

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