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Re: mail/imapfilter upgrade to 2.6.2

Hello Mansour,

Mansour Moufid writes:
> [...] 
> This patch just upgrades the mail/imapfilter package to version 2.6.2.
> [...] 
Thank you a lot for that! I will add just some minor suggestions.

> [...]
> [...]
When updating a package to a new version PKGREVISION should be resetted,
so we can just delete this line. For more information regarding
that please give a look to ``19.1.11. How to handle incrementing
versions when fixing an existing package'' in The pkgsrc Guide.

> [...]
> [...]
While here it's also a good idea to convert the package in order to use
the new MASTER_SITE_GITHUB recently introduced by Tobias Nygren, in this
case we will need:


Some more useful information is present in ``19.2.3 Packages hosted on'' but usually these two lines will be enough for the majority
of the packages hosted on github.

For the rest the patches seems good! Can you please apply these changes
in order to simplify the update?

Thank you again and HTH!

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