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devel/ffcall should possibly have NOT_FOR_PLATFORM=Darwin-*-*


I was trying to build lang/sbcl today, but the build process failed
while building devel/ffcal (a dependency for clisp, which sbcl needs for
bootstrap I believe):

===> Building for ffcall-1.10nb3
cd avcall; /opt/bin/bmake all
case "darwin14" in  solaris*) xnone=""; exten="c";;  *) xnone="-x none"; exten="s";;  esac;  /bin/sh ./libtool --mode=compile clang ${xnone} -c ./avcall-x86_64.${exten}
libtool: compile:  clang -x none -c ./avcall-x86_64.s  -fno-common -DPIC -o .libs/avcall-x86_64.o
./avcall-x86_64.s:5:2: error: unknown directive
 .type __builtin_avcall,@function
./avcall-x86_64.s:331:2: error: unknown directive
 .size __builtin_avcall,.Lfe1-__builtin_avcall
./avcall-x86_64.s:332:11: error: mach-o section specifier uses an unknown section type
 .section .eh_frame,"aw",@progbits
*** Error code 1

(full devel/ffcal build log here:

I'm now wondering whether devel/ffcal ought to have
"NOT_FOR_PLATFORM=Darwin-*-*", or if I've done something else wrong.


:: Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri, Bioinformatics Developer, BILS,
:: Uppsala University, Sweden
:: My other car is a cdr.

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