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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

Mayuresh <> writes:

> It is sad to hear "Let's use X because that's popular" kind of voice on
> NetBSD lists.
> I am not suggesting stick to CVS. But if we want to switch to git, we
> should have Engineering reasons, not popularity metrics.

pkgsrc is about curating control files.  The VCS is just a necessary
tool, not the point.  But I agree with your notion of choosing things on
their merits.

However, with a VCS, we are optimizing a human-machine system, not a
machine system, and we want the group of people who might work on
pkgsrc, the bits, and the tool to all work together to maximize
progress.  So if large numbers of people are familiar with one tool, and
the actual technical issues about tools are not that important, it is
fair to consider that.

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