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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

> On Sat, Jul 04, 2015 at 06:38:45PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> > > - hg is a dead end, due to git's momentum
> > This is the one argument I will never agree to. Based on that, pkgsrc
> > wouldn't exist since $LINUX_DISTRIBUTION has much more momentum.

> And NetBSD needn't exist by the same argument either...

> NetBSD community is (or was?) known to make decisions based on Engineering
> merits / demerits of an approach and not by what is the talk of the town.

> It is sad to hear "Let's use X because that's popular" kind of voice on
> NetBSD lists.

> I am not suggesting stick to CVS. But if we want to switch to git, we
> should have Engineering reasons, not popularity metrics.

> As such CVS is not difficult to learn anyway. I am a small time
> contributor to wip. Never faced any problems with CVS. So, not sure, why
> fix what ain't broke.

> Mayuresh.

I never had problems with CVS on NetBSD, but FreeBSD, on cvs, cvsup and csup, had a security breach in 2012, and switched to subversion.

In NetBSD, I run cvs up -dP from /BETA1/pkgsrc but this does not touch wip.

I have to run cvs up -dP again from /BETA1/pkgsrc/wip .

/BETA1 is a mount point for a partition where FreeBSD(current, amd64) is installed, including FreeBSD src, doc and ports trees.

In one announcement of a new release of quarterly pkgsrc, it was announced that NetBSD src and pkgsrc could be downloaded and updated by git or cvs, but documentation only shows cvs and not the git option, so I stay with cvs.

What will fit in the base system is also a criterion in deciding whether to stay with cvs or go to subversion or git.

FreeBSD base system does not include subversion, but there is an option for svnlite, or one can download the whole ports tree tarball and then build some basic ports including subversion.

I've never used mercurial (hg).


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