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Re: bacula and TLS

> scar <> writes:
>> hi i am new to NetBSD and struggling a bit with figuring out everything,
>> but making some progress.  i have got 6.1.4-GENERIC installed on an old
>> Ultra-5 and then i used pkg_add to install bacula-clientonly-5.2.12 so i
>> could restore my backups.  but when i transferred over my bacula-fd.conf
>> and attempted to start the service i am getting this error:
>> Fatal error: TLS required but not configured in Bacula.
>> and i've never run into this problem before... so how do i correctly
>> enable TLS?  thanks
> Apparently  the bacula pkgsrc package disables ssl by default.  I really
> don't konw why.   So you would have to rebuild it from source.
> Basically check out pkgsrc, set
> PKG_OPTIONS.bacula-clientonly=	ssl
> in /etc/mk.conf, and then in /usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/bacula-clientonly do
> make package replace

There's another stumbling block I tend to trip over on each package
upgrade: nagios-nrpe, which also doesn't do SSL by default, but the
nagios server I connect to insists on SSL...

Is there a particular reason SSL encryption isn't turned on by
default where it can?

I would have thought that in the current environment with mass
surveillance going on, it would be pertinent to turn that on by
default whereever possible.

It seems that these packages support SSL as an option but does not



- Håvard

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