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Re: multimedia/libass and libiconv


On Sat, 01 Mar 2014 08:42:28 +0900, Matthias Ferdinand 
<> wrote:


multimedia/libass does not handle iconv properly. While there are iconv
tests in configure, they wrongly conclude that no "-liconv" linker
option is necessary.
The libiconv also adds configure option
"--with-iconv-prefix=..." , which the original configure script does not
know (but ignores).

For SunOS, there is already a workaround:

     20 LDFLAGS.SunOS+= -liconv

On NetBSD 5.1 and Linux, I found libass causing problems building
ffmpeg, which fails in configure stage trying to use libass. config.log
says that could not find iconv functions.

Variants of the above workaround also work on NetBSD 5.1 and Linux.

Fixed by Makefile rev 1.9.

Another successful method is adding


to, touch "config.rpath" and then run "autoreconf" prior to
running configure.

That would (hopefully) work on all platforms.

Yes, it should be noticed to upstream, for the case using external iconv
over libc builtin one.

OBATA Akio /

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