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Re: Build failure for editors/nedit on SLES 11

Iain Morgan <> writes (trimmed here):

> The current version of editors/nedit fails to build on SLES 11 with the
> following output:
> prefFile.c:356: error: 'uintptr_t' undeclared (first use in this function)
> The problem is that source/preference.c (and other files) does not
> include stdint.h. The easiest solution seems to be to create config.h at
> the top level of the source distribution, containing #include <stdint.h>
> and appending -DHAVE_CONFIG_H to CFLAGS in makefiles/Makefile.netbsd.

Semi-interestingly, this builds fine on NetBSD, but that doesn't mean it
was right.  Grepping the sources, the only uintptr_t I find is in that
file, and it was added recently to avoid a compiler warning.  So I just
added stdint in that file, which is much easier than adjusting the
build.  Please let me know if it builds for you now.

I see that nedit has a lot of patches.  Perhaps you could report the
needed cast in prefFile.c and missing include of stdint upstream, so
that these issues can be fixed in the next release:-)

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