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pkgsrcCon 2014 - call for presentations

Hello all,

About three months to go to pkgsrcCon 2014 - the conference for all those 
interested in pkgsrc, users and developers - in London, June 21 and 22. At 
this point, I'd like to ask people who are interested in giving a presentation 
to make themselves known - just so I can put some names on the programme. 
Anything vaguely connected with pkgsrc should be all right, just let me know. 
It doesn't even have to be particularly well worked out, I'd be happy with 
just a general subject / title / abstract. It's all relatively informal. No 
peer review either - unless you really want to :)

People who just want to participate without giving a presentation are welcome 
too, of course, but that is less urgent - the only people that need to know 
are University catering, and they won't need three months... The conference is 
totally free, by the way, so you'll only need to find accommodation and food 
and suchlike.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions, remarks and other such things.

hope to hear from you,


(More information: )

(And: please don't hesitate to pass the word to other people/lists/... you 
think might be interested!)

"Then I'll tell the truth. We're allowed to do that in emergencies."

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