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Re: update sysutils/file to 5.17 (patch)

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 07:38:39PM +0100, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> > Patch "patch-file-getline-public" re-adds the "public" keyword to the
> > getline() function in getline.c that was still there with file-5.11.
> I don't need this patch when building on 6.99.33/amd64, so I didn't
> add this patch. What happens for you when it's not there? What
> platform?

functions in src/getline.c are only used if configure does not find a
usable getline function (#if !HAVE_GETLINE).

without the "public" keyword, on NetBSD 5.1:

=>  checking for getline... no
      CCLD     file
    file.o: In function `main':
    file.c:(.text+0x5d9): undefined reference to `getline'
    file.c:(.text+0xbb9): undefined reference to `getline'
    *** Error code 1

> Please don't remove RCS Ids and comments from patches. Look at
> pkgtools/pkgdiff for tools that help in maintaining pkgsrc patches (in
> particular, mkpatches and patchdiff).

sorry about that. Will take a look at these.


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