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Re: pkg_create fails for math/pari

On Tue, Mar 04, 2014 at 03:21:16PM -0800, Iain Morgan wrote:
> While investigating the failure, I noticed that while gmp is enabled as
> a default option for pari, does not declare it as a
> dependency. At least, it doesn't have anything like BUILD_DEPENDS+=gmp.
> So, it looks to me like doesn't actually declare it as a dependency.
> The adds --with-gmp=$(PREFIX) to CONFIGURE_ARGS,so the native
> install of gmp is presumably ignored.
> I see that includes ../../devel/gmp/, but is
> that sufficient to indicate a dependency?

Yes, including buildlink3 files does express a dependency.

> After the initail examination, I ran bmake install in devel/gmp and
> bmake clean install in math/pari. With that, pari installed correctly.

Good that it works now, though I can't say I understand why it didn't

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