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Question about mlterm-fb

Dear all,

I followed the instructions in this thread about installing and using mlterm
in the vesa framebuffer :

As far as display is concerned everything displayed correctly with the ja_JP.UTF-8 locale both for Latin and Wide characters on the shell as well as in w3m.

Yet both with the provided mlterm 3.2.0 version as well as the latest 3.3.0 (compiled with ibus support) I had trouble switching between Input Modes.

- When launching it with these flags
$mlterm-fb -M ibus
i could input only Latin characters.
- When launching it like this
$mlterm-fb -im=ibus:mozc-jp
i could input only wide characters and Kana to Kanji conversion worked.

The CTRL+SPACE key sequence has no effect at all.

What am I missing ?

Thank you for any help or hints about troubleshooting the IM issue.


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