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firefox, seamonkey, firefox17 dumps core but still works

Hi List,
I have set up a Thinkpad T42, NetBSD 5.2.2 and its almost finished

One annoying thing happens. The /www/firefox17 - compiled from pkgsrc
starts, runs well, but dumps xulrunner.core in /herbs/home.

The pkgsrc is updated, I compiled firefox a second time - no change.

Surprisingly the same happens with /www/seamonkey, but it dumps
seamonkey.core - and seamonkey works as well.

>From the mailing list netbsd-users I received this message from David:
"I have same with firefox.core NetBSD-6 i386 and 2013Q3 then 2013Q4 but 
no problem with firefox in use.

Still I can use these browsers, but I wonder whats wrong. Anybody with
similar experiences out there? Any guru who wants to take a look to the
core files? Any ideas?

herb langhans

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