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Re: lang/python27: (patch) RPATH breaking build with previous installed python27

Matthias Ferdinand <>

> upgrading python27 from 2.7.3nb3 to 2.7.6nb2 failed on my Linux
> installations (except for some older than ~6 years).
> On Linux at least, RPATH has precedence over LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Pkgsrc
> uses RPATH to direct its binaries to the pkgsrc installed libraries
> instead of the system libraries.

RPATH taking precedence over LD_LIBRARY_PATH sounds broken.  Can you
point to any specfications that say this is reasonable?

> This breaks pythons use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the build process,
> resulting in the use of a previously installed instead
> of the just compiled current version. The build succeeds if no previous
> python27 is installed (package removed or renamed).
> See here for a nice summary of the RPATH vs. LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem:
> Attached is a patch for To work around the issue, it
> creates a copy of the ./python binary, removes the RPATH setting using
> chrpath, and uses the resulting binary for further local python invocations.
> The patch probably lacks in elegance, and possibly in portability (does
> chrpath exist for every pkgsrc platform?). The pkgsrc Makefile also
> needs an additional USE_TOOLS+=chrpath for this patch.

chrpath seems like something that's best not to pull in.  I wonder if
this should be done only on platforms which have the

When people build python on Linux using Linux packaging systems, how
does that work?

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