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Re: sendmail patches from upstream

Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:

> >      Can you file a PR so it doesn't get lost in my massive INBOX,
> > please?
> pkg/48566 is yours.

I see you updated sendmail in pkgsrc to version 8.14.8, which contains
the two patches I suggested we include.

Could we please now make them available from pkgsrc?

In my opinion, _FFR_USE_GETPWNAM_ERRNO should always be enabled on
NetBSD, as it really fixes a bug that can harm mail delivey. On other
system, it depends of the POSIX compliance of getpwnam(), hence we
should be more careful and enable on a cas eby case basis.

I recall you wanted to limit compilation options. I therefore suggest we
always enable _FFR_TLS_EC and _FFR_TLS_1 when pkgsrc
PKG_OPTIONS.sendmail=tls  is set. All the functionnality enabled bu the
two options can be controlled by directives, hence it should
not harm anyone, and _FFR_TLS_EC will provide immediate benefit to
anyone using SMP/SSL for clients-server communcations.

I can submit a new patch for that if you agree with the approach.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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