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sendmail patches from upstream


I would like to have two patches from upstream available in pkgsrc. The
pkgsrc change is here:

We have the ffr_tls_ec option to enable ECDH, which I already proposed
before. This helps a lot of clients negociating with PFS enabled. 

I recall we talk about enabling it uncondtionnaly with ffr_tls_1. I can
do that if it is confirmed to be the way to go. But please note it
changes the default behavior, as OpenSSL sets a high priority by default
on ECDH ciphers, which tend to be picked first if they are available.
They can be disabled with an appropriate O CipherList setting in, though.

Next, we have the getpwnam patch, which fixes a long standing bug in
sendmail, where an unreachable LDAP directory can cause a mail to be
rejected just like if there was aun unknown sender.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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