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Re: firefox and java

From: Richard PALO <>, Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 
14:20:23 +0100

> sort of cool to finally have a working pkgsrc firefox(24) on solaris,
> with l10n at that, but it seems that openjdk7 doesn't provide
> like the sun-jdk did..
> Web search indicates that icedtea-web needs to be installed, but that
> seems to depend on xulrunner17(?)...  shouldn't xulrunner more or less
> follow the version of firefox (for latest esr, 24.1.1, or for latest
> 25.0.1)?

I have xulrunner24 in my local tree. But icedtea-web is broken for
my NetBSD/amd64 current machine.
It is not investigated yet.

> BTW, thunderbird gets as far as some openldap problems, anybody get
> over those?

I have no openldap environment anymore, but I will create openldap option
for thunderbird (and seamonkey?).

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