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(cross/nios2) {,-binutils,-gcc} plan

Hi, nios2 toolchain topics.

Recently I have imported (cross/) nios2 gcc packages.
  nios2-binutils 2.20  ( <- nios2_gnu_gcc3_10.0.tgz )
  nios2-gcc      3.4.6  (no -fPIC support)

And then, another version is waiting under wip side. 
  nios2-binutils 2.20  ( <- nios2_gnu_gcc4_13.0.gz )
  nios2-gcc      4.1.2

An besides,
  nios2-binutils 2.23   (
  nios2-gcc      4.7.3 
is available somewhere.

So, I'm planning to rename existing cross/nios2-gcc into
cross/nios2-gcc3 and then import 4.1.2 version as 

Then 4.7.3 is prepared in wip, and probably get cross/gcc47 

Perhaps binutils-2.20 may be used among first two combinations.
I need to think about handling of nios2/Makefile.common reference.

Let me know your comments if any, 
Thanks a million,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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