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Re: Firefox 24 doesn't restore session

                        Hi there,

On 31/10/2013 21:00, Rhialto wrote:
> This is one of those eternal complainst: Firefox doesn't restore my
> session any more.

Same problem here.

> [...]
> I skipped a stable pkgsrc branch, so it seems the last version that
> worked for me on this machine was Firefox 19.0.2. (On my laptop I must
> have had 22.0 and AFAIK it worked).

From my latest tests (which weren't focused on this), I can confirm that
the issue appeared around 19.0.x. Upgrading to any more recent version
would then restore the session when starting the first time, and then be
unable to restore its own session in subsequent launches.

I'm very interested in a solution for this issue as well, thanks for
looking at it already.


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