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Re: mysql 5.6

On 7/29/13 9:48 AM, Patrick Welche wrote:
On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 10:31:52AM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
On Sat, 27 Jul 2013 23:27:09 +0900, Patrick Welche <> 

There seems to be a mismatch in distinfo e.g.

SHA1 (mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz) = 852e168fd39bb24adf8805642be20a59042c2e6c
RMD160 (mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz) = 0088072e353f21fe0b079fe7c26500c822c76819
Size (mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz) = 35876046 bytes


150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz (35853760 bytes)

PR pkg/48056

Probably, upstream distfile was replaced due to resolve manpage license issue:

Everything should now be pointing at the newer of the two source tarballs
with identical names.



This seems to be happening again (or still?) on pkgsrc-2013Q2.

The distfile was retrieved from

$ digest SHA1 mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz
SHA1 (mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz) = 9ba454a4681250d36b90be907d2583789869aa44


$ grep SHA1.*mysql-5.6.12 databases/mysql56-client/distinfo
SHA1 (mysql-5.6.12.tar.gz) = 852e168fd39bb24adf8805642be20a59042c2e6c


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