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Setting up distributed/chrooted bulk builds

One of the more common requests is how to set up pbulk in a way that
allows chrooted build environments.  This greatly increases the
parallelism of the build (especially when combined with a distributed
setup), and allows you to build packages on the same host that may
already be running them in a live configuration.

So, I've written a howto, which includes a bunch of patches we've
developed at Joyent to support this, as well as including some of my
most recent updates to pkgtools/mksandbox:

This is pretty similar to the method we use at Joyent to perform full
bulk builds of pkgsrc (12,000 packages) in under 12 hours, and with
modest hardware you can achieve pretty decent results too.

I've tested it on OSX, Linux and SmartOS, so please let me know if
anything doesn't work correctly.

Hopefully over the coming months I will integrate the diffs necessary
into mainline pkgsrc and continue to clean up some of the more hacky


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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