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Re: intention to remove pkgtools/tinderbox-dragonfly next week

> I created  pkgtools/tinderbox-dragonfly in Nov 2011 and used it a lot.
> However, I don't use it anymore and I also have not been updating it.
> It's far behind the upstream and heavily customized.
> I am reasonable sure that I was the only one using this tool.  Rather
> than subject it to further bitrot, I would like to remove this package.
> If I were going to spend the time to upgrade it, I'd use that time to
> port "poudriere" from FreeBSD over instead.
> In any case, unless I hear some objections or offers to take maintainer
> of the package, I intend to remove it next week.   It only works on
> DragonFly and it would take a lot of work to get it functioning on other
> platforms.

> John

No objection from me, no way could I use pkgtools/tinderbox-dragonfly.

I tried live USBs of DragonFly made from downloads from, and 
have given up trying to get anything useful (OpenBSD too).

I couldn't read DragonFly file system from FreeBSD, NetBSD or Linux, and 
DragonFly couldn't read anything on my 3 TB GPT-partitioned hard disk.


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